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This website aims to get to the heart of important issues around nut allergies.

Find out what it’s like growing up with a nut allergy, the effects of having a family member with one, and what schools do to help sufferers.

We look at charities, such as the Anaphylaxis Campaign, finding out how important they are to nut allergy sufferers, and what support they give.

There is also an article on the EpiPen – what it is, how it works, how to use it and how it could help you save somebody’s life.

‘anaphylaxis’ [ an-uh-fuh-lak-sis ]

  • ‘a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction that can be fatal.’

‘In the UK about 2 in 100 children and about 1 in 200 adults have an allergy to nuts. The number of people with peanut allergy is growing.’ 

‘A severe reaction is called anaphylaxis and without quick treatment you would soon become unconscious.’


Watch this video to understand just how serious nut allergies are:

The video above is about Amy May Shead, who studied film, media, radio and television at Canterbury Christ Church University, where I currently study.

My younger brother Tom suffers from a variety of allergies, including nut allergies, and I have witnessed him having an anaphylactic attack.

These two reasons are why I created this website, and, although I don’t have an allergy myself, I have seen first hand the effects a nut allergy can have on someone’s life.

It is a topic that needs to be talked about much more and by creating this website I hope more people become aware of just how serious nut allergies are.

‘The most common anaphylaxis triggers in children are food allergies, such as peanuts

The Mayo Clinic

Some of the stories you’ll find on this site…

Growing up with a nut allergy

Original Photo by Dan Bichener

What is it like to grow up and live with allergies? What difficulties do you face and how do you manage them?

Why charity is so important

Original photo by Dan Bichener

One of the best charities is the Anaphylaxis Campaign who support people at risk of severe allergies.

The EpiPen

Original photo by Dan Bichener

Looking at how it can save someone’s life, and to use it on someone in case you ever need to.


This website has been produced by Canterbury Christ Church University student Dan Bichener.

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